We believe that Quality and a relentless commitment to continuous improvement are essential to our success. To this end. we define Quality as understanding the customers’ expectations, agreeing on performance and value. and providing products and services that meet expectations. Our motto is. “We pour Quality into castings.”
The foundry has developed a “Quality Control System” that covers inspection of the complete process from raw materials supply to the dispatch of finished goods. laboratories at the plant use equipment and techniques to check all incoming material, metallic charge, ferro alloys, sands, resins, coatings and refractories.

During the manufacturing process, rapid response systems are employed in a series of integrated checks. Finished products undergo an array of checks and inspection with appropriate techniques. Critical parts and those on which safety depends are 100% checked.

Checks during manufacturing are supplemented by sample checking by metallography. spectrometry and actual chemical analysis.

As a result of strict and effective Quality control, high standards have been achieved and the plant is now working at almost full capacity.