To be a player in the global market by providing high Quality foundry based engineering products.


To be market Leader in foundry technology by offering competitive high quality value added products to the satisfaction of customers and to grow through diversification in local and export markets, While serving the best interest of shareholders.

Corporate Strategy

Bolan Castings Limited will remain proactive in combating all threats and make use of all opportunities to improve the productivity, profitability and for achieving its immediate goals and ultimate mission.

Quality Policy: We will pursue and continuously improve our Quality management systems so as to consistently meet the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders. operate safely and encourage our employees to develop and grow.

Safety Policy

  • The management of Bolan Castings Limited believes that the safety and welfare of its employees is of paramount importance.
  • We believe that all industrial injuries can be prevented.
  • Each individual employee is responsible for working safely, both for his own welfare, and for the safety and welfare of his fellow employees.
  • We believe that production is not so important that time cannot be taken to find a safe way to do our work.

Health Policy

  • Good health of employees is very important to Bolan Castings Limited.
  • All employees of Bolan Castings Limited go through an annual medical check up.
  • Bolan Castings Limited has a clinic at the plant site which provides medical facilities for its employees.
  • All employees are insured under Group Life and Health Insurance Scheme.

Environmental Policy

  • Bolan Castings Limited is making all out efforts to ensure that it takes care of the environment.
  • Continued efforts are made so that the Company’s plant operational activities are environment friendly.
  • The Company is committed to improve the environment and is currently working to achieve the environmental standards.