Being a modern and well equipped foundry and holding a major market share of the tractor and automotive castings. Bolan Castings Limited can rightly claim to be the leading foundry of its kind in Pakistan.

The Company was incorporated on 15th Ju!y. 1982 as a public limited company by Pakistan Automobile Corporation Limited (PACO) under the administrative control of Ministry of Production. Government of Pakistan. The plant was commissioned in June 1986 with the assistance of Foundry Management & Design Company (FMD), United Kingdom (U.K) and commercial production was started in July, 1986. The plant is located about 40 Kms from Karachi on the main R.C.D. Highway, Hub Chowki, District Lasbella, Balochistan. The Company was privatized and handed over to a group of management under a joint collaboration of Millat Tractors Limited and the employees of Bolan Castings Limited on 13th June, 1993.


The foundry is located at Hub, Balochistan on a 100,000 square meters plot with a covered area of approximately 20.000 square meters. The foundry is manufacturing tractor castings such as Cylinder Blocks. Cylinder Heads, Centre Housings, Transmission Cases and truck / bus castings like Brake Drums and Hubs with a large number of other similar castings.
The plant produces more than 16,000 tons per year of tractor / automotive castings in grey and ductile iron. So far. more than 200 different types of castings have been successfully developed and supplied to various customers.


BCL has two foundry plants with following production & quality management facilities.

  • Duplex melting facilities consisting of Twin Cold Blast Cupolas and Coreless Induction Furnaces.
  • Induction melting through two 1.5 tons furnaces.
  • One high pressure line of 1150 x 800 x 300/ 300 mm box size.
  • Another high pressure molding line of 650 x 550 X 250 /250 mm box size.
  • Fully computerized green sand plant which on demand automatically delivers predetermined sand mixes to the molding line.
  • New Sand Preconditioning Plants.
  • Sand Washing Plants.
  • Resin Coating Plant Continuous Mixer, Shell Core Machines, Silicate / CO2 Core Machines, Cold Box Core Machine.
  • Shot blasting, felting, grinding, heat treatment and painting.
  • Complete inspection, testing and Quality control laboratory equipment’s including spectrometer.
  • A 60 tons / hr fully computerized sand plant which on demand automatically delivers predetermined sand mixes to the molding line.
  • A separate shop for the repair and maintenance of patterns,tooling and core boxes through CAD / CAM process.
  • An ancillary workshop for the fabrication and maintenance of equipment and tools.


Experimentation and innovative studies are constantly undertaken for both manufacturing and product improvements. Bolan Castings Limited. from the very beginning. is engaged in research. Quality improvement of the products, productivity enhancement, new products development and processes improvement.


Maximum attention is given to reduce the air pollution through the following:

  • Wet sludge tank for cupola emissions.
  • Scrubbers for air born emission at new sand pre conditioning and core plant.
  • Reduction of dust emissions through bag filter closed cabin for shot blasting and sand plant.
  • Dust catchers in grinding area.
  • Maximum plantation at the open areas of the factory.


The following are in place for the safety of our employees and equipment’s:

  • Effective fire fighting system, which covers all areas of the plant.
  • Safety protective provided to the work force.
  • Adequate sound proofing of high noise machines.
  • Protective cover for cutting machines.
  • Controlled admittance to production site.
  • Flammable material adequately protected from sun and heat.
  • All work areas sufficiently ventilated.


We believe that Quality and a relentless commitment to continuous improvement are essential to our success. To this end. we define Quality as understanding the customers’ expectations, agreeing on performance and value. and providing products and services that meet expectations. Our motto is. “We pour Quality into castings.”
The foundry has developed a “Quality Control System” that covers inspection of the complete process from raw materials supply to the dispatch of finished goods. laboratories at the plant use equipment and techniques to check all incoming material, metallic charge, ferro alloys, sands, resins, coatings and refractories.

During the manufacturing process, rapid response systems are employed in a series of integrated checks. Finished products undergo an array of checks and inspection with appropriate techniques. Critical parts and those on which safety depends are 100% checked.

Checks during manufacturing are supplemented by sample checking by metallography. spectrometry and actual chemical analysis.

As a result of strict and effective Quality control, high standards have been achieved and the plant is now working at almost full capacity.


To improve the level of knowledge in the field of foundry practice, BCL for the last two years is providing technical support to the students of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Engineering of NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi in a planned manner.


Bolan Castings Limited was the first foundry of its kind to obtain ISO 9002 certificate in April, 1999. The Company has now achieved ISO 9001-2008 version of Quality Management System.


In the year 1998-99, setting up of in-house machining lines for various castings of tractors and trucks was undertaken. This has resulted in a considerable boost to the Company’s sales and profitability.


In the year 2000-2001 , a CNC machining set up was added in the Pattern Shop to manufacture new pattern tooling equipment’s. This has reduced considerably the development time for new products.